Year of the Android!

I'm finally starting my last semester here at Penn State and it's time to start seriously looking for a job. No matter what, I still have the hopes and dreams of becoming a tech writer working for either a place like Gizmodo or Engadget, no matter how long it takes me to attain this goal.

I want to dedicate this blog entry to a little experience that I had yesterday. I was hanging out at my girlfriend's apartment and I had the chance to play around with her roommate's T-mobile myTouch 3G. It was actually my first experience using a phone with an Android OS and I have to admit, I'm quite impressed. It pretty much sold me. If you don't know, I've been an Apple "fanboy" for the longest time and have been up to date with my iPhone, I currently have a white 3GS. While I wouldn't get this specific model Android phone, I want a Nexus One, I think my next phone will have to be running Android.

I noticed that Google lets you do all of the features that I can do on my iPhone, but I had to jailbreak my iPhone to be able to achieve this. Some of the things I noticed, that sold me, was that it let you customize the icons and download apps like an NES emulator, both of which I could only achieve through "jailbreaking". The phone that I tested wasn't perfect, the virtual keyboard took some getting used to and there was no multi-touch, but those can be improved with future firmware updates.

One last thing that I think sold me was how easily you can sync it with all of your Google apps and how you can easily get Google apps on your phone to easily use GTalk and GMail on the go. Being that I use GMail, GTalk, Google Docs and Google Calendar everyday, it would make my life all they while easier to be able to sync it with my phone that simply.

I like that the Android phones are more open source and you aren't tied down as much as you are with Apple. I highly recommend checking them out, I've only heard good things.

Photo from laihiu on Flickr

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