iPhone OS 4 Rant

  Although by the time that I post this, I will have already been there, a 4 hour bus ride to a career fair in NYC seems the perfect time to blog about the new Apple iPhone OS 4 which was revealed at the live event yesterday. The iPhone OS 4 SDK was released to developers yesterday and will be released to the public this summer.

The new iPhone OS to me is both exciting and not exciting at the same time. I've been a longtime fan-boy of Apple products; therefore, I’m always excited when new technology or firmware is released. This new firmware brings many things to the iPhone that I had been wanting, which I had to jailbreak my iPhone to currently achieve the same features. The first thing that everyone is excited about; unless you don’t have an iPhone 3GS is the multi-tasking feature. This is one of the biggest announcements because never before could you run more than one application. If you wanted to run Pandora Radio and browse the web at the same time, you couldn’t do it. Now you will be able to run multiple apps at the same time and can switch back and forth at will. This is one feature that I had unofficially though for some months now.
The newest features that I am most excited for though is the new folders, which allows you to group your apps into folders to make it easier to find them, the ability to change the background on the home screen (one of the reasons I originally jailbroke my iPhone), the new social gaming network (it’s a bit like Xbox Live and PSN, with leader boards, etc.), playlist creation on the phone and also a digital zoom for the camera. All of these features are making the iPhone into the phone I wanted it to be, but it took Apple way too long to get here.
In the time it took them to bring these features, I already purchased an Android phone, which gave me these right off the bat. It seems like Apple is finally catching up to Android in these aspects and I’m grateful for this, but I think I’m sold on Google’s Android. My biggest complaint with Apple is they always take too long to release new features and new firmware for their hardware. Look how long it took for the iPhone to be able to record video, it wasn’t until the iPhone 3GS could it do it and I bought mine when it was released in summer 2009. I understand that Apple wants to perfect features and that this is their marketing strategy, but in the world we’re living in today, speed and time is everything. If you can’t quickly meet the demand of your customers, you’re going to lose some. I haven’t been completely lost since I still use both of my phones, switching back and forth from Nexus One to iPhone every so often, but Android bought me almost from the get go. Take notes Apple!
P.S. Were it not for my iPhone being jailbroken, I wouldn't be able to tether the internet to my netbook on the bus right now to post this rant. Tethering is another feature Apple should have included! Some food for thought.

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