It's been a while... and I'm back!

I realize that the last time I posted to Tom's New Roman was back in January. I know it has been a really long time since I posted, but I have a pretty good reason for not posting until August, I was extremely busy with classes, I had class everyday with an extreme amount of French work to do every week and I was also working every other day as a busboy at a Thai restaurant when I wasn't taking classes, so it doesn't leave much time for blogging.

This summer I was also pretty busy with working for PennDoT and I also had a summer internship working for an online new site called Tonic. All of the articles that I wrote for them this summer can be viewed at the following address:

Besides that, I'm finished with both my summer job and also with my summer internship. I'm currently doing something that I enjoy. I'm working at the International Student Orientation at Penn State and am getting the chance to meet hundreds of people from all over the world, a majority from China, Korea and the Middle East. I'm also working in the computer lab, helping new international students setup their PSU access accounts and also helping them setup their computers to work with the wireless network. I enjoy working with computers so it isn't too bad and it's better than my summer job. I've become a pro at installing the VPN client on computers and also setting up computers with 64-bit Vista to work on the Penn State Network. With that all said and done, I'll move on to new talk about some new toys!

About 7 months have passed and in that time I've had the chance to get my hands on a couple new toys. First thing, I've finally had the chance to upgrade my iPhone. My plan was getting renewed this summer so I was able to upgrade to the iPhone 3Gs. I actually ended up buying the 3G, but then the new iPhone came out a week later so I was able to return it for the newest model. And the only other new thing I can think of that I got was something that I've been wanting for years, but was finally able to get this summer before my vacation to the beach, the classic Bose around-ear headphones. They are exactly what I wanted offering comfort, style and exceptional sound. That's about it.

One last thing, lately I've really been wanting a netbook. That's all I can think about. Taking how much money I have and the features I want into consideration, I've decided that I really want the MSI Wind U100 Netbook. It's this one right here and in white (white is sexy, lol):

I have enough birthday money and I just got paid for like the whole summer since I haven't gotten any checks from PennDoT until now because of the budget not being signed until last week. If I decide to buy one, I'll let you know. But...

For now, I'm back... happy reading!

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