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I'll write more later if I get a chance, but today when I was on campus, I saw one of the techiest ways to get to class than I would have expected to see on a college campus. Normally when on a college campus you see people getting to class on either a bike or maybe a skateboard, but what about a segway??? This is a first in my book. This dude even had it all tricked out with different pouches and stuff to hold all of his stuff. This is a nerds dream come true to take a segway to class. I think that the person who owned it had to be a professor because one they were older and two, I don't think a student has the kind of money to buy one. Maybe one day I'll just be lucky enough to try one out. Although I can't see myself wanting to own one. Also, I didn't get a picture, I reacted to late, but this YouTube video pretty much can sum it up what it was almost like!

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