Sunday Sunday Sunday

I really wanted to maintain this blog, but I've found that being a student and trying to run a blog is so hard. I have so much to do all the time that I always forget to post to my blog and I always say I'm going to post more.

but... I've started to get back to gaming again. I haven't had much time so I did next to no gaming for the past several months to the point where I don't know if I could call myself a gamer. This weekend changed that. I spent literally the whole weekend playing Section 8, Guitar Hero 5 and Beatles Rock Band and it really helped me get back into the gaming spirit.

I know I probably sound lame spending my Halloween playing Guitar Hero with a Little Caesar's pizza, taco flavored doritos and some mountain dew isn't an entirely bad thing considering I've partied the past 4 years.

I'll try to have a blog of more substance and real purpose soon, but I have just one question, why does trying to play PES2009 online with my friend in Tokyo have to be so complicated over the PSN. If it were Xbox Live it would be so simple.... something to ponder.. perhaps...

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